Light, Forces and Circuits  (ScS003)
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Waves  (ScP003)
8 pages of resources designed to help with the teaching of frequency, amplitude, wavelength, wave fronts and the wave equation. Answer sheets included.

Movement  (ScP013)
9 sheets of problems and tasks involving s=d/t, distance/time graphs, sports physics, a = (v-u)/t, F=ma and some extension sheets involving PE = mgh and KE = ½ ms2. 7 solution sheets, many of which provide model layouts for calculations.

Circuits  (ScP014)
13 sheets of practical and theoretical tasks covering many areas of simple circuit design. Includes circuit symbols, series and parallel, switch circuit analysis, resistors and the measurement of current and potential difference.

Color  (ScP021)
12 worksheets investigating color. Resources include mixing and dispersion, filters, colored objects and lights, and a brief look at waves and the electromagnetic spectrum. Answers included.

Light Rays  (ScP022)
12 ray tracing resources involving the laws of reflection and refraction, the uses of mirrors, and some practice work on shadows and eclipses. Full answer sheets included.

Forces  (ScP023)
17 pages of resources designed to help with the teaching of forces. Includes measuring and types of forces, balanced and unbalanced forces, steady movement and accelerations, terminal velocity and a helicopter practical and investigation.

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